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African Safari Ideas

Africa is one of those mysterious continents that have been at the centre of fascination for many people for centuries, especially in Europe and North America. Africa has a very long pre-history and while you are visiting on an African safari you might be interested to find out about the local people and their hunter-gatherer ways. While Africa has immense importance when it comes to the natural history of humans and our culture, it is also extremely important from a wildlife conservation point of view. Many of the iconic African animals are in fact teetering on the brink of extinction and valiant conservation efforts are being made to keep them alive for generations to come. Despite the situation, there are still many unscrupulous and evil poachers destroying our earth’s rare biological treasures day by day.

Taking part in African safari tours will give you an insight into the problems facing conservation in the region and will instil in you a lifelong passion to help out where you can.

Hook Up With a Charity

Many young people decide to take a “gap year” away from school and this can be the perfect opportunity to make contacts with some sort of a charity working in the area. You will often find that if you volunteer to go help out where needed in Africa, then you will also have your travel expenses paid through fund raising in most cases.

If you go down this route, you will undoubtedly have much more money saved up that you do not need to spend and you will find that you can take part in African wildlife safaris for pleasure!

Make sure you research as much as possible about the countries you are intending to visit and consider learning a few sentences in a local language to help you converse with the locals on African safaris!