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Mountain Biking: Getting Geared Up For Your Next Trip

MountainBikingIf you love being outside and being active, mountain biking is right up your alley. It’s incredibly athletic and you get to be out in nature. However, you do need to make sure you’re ready before you head off on your first mountain biking adventure. There are a few key pieces of equipment and accessories you should have before you plan for a mountain biking trip, you can find much of these mountain bike accessories at Eureka.

Of course the most essential piece of equipment is the bike. Depending on your body type and budget, you can find the best bike for yourself. There are three main types of mountain bike to choose from: rigid, hardtail and full-suspension. You also need a helmet to go along with your bike, to ensure your head is protected. This is important whenever you go biking, but especially when you’re in rough terrain, which is the case with mountain biking.

Although you don’t need to get a pair of gloves, they do help give you more grip when you’re riding your bike. Especially if you’re just getting started in mountain biking, you have more likelihood of crashing, and gloves help keep your hands protected, as well as reduce soreness caused by vibrations of the bike.

You also need to choose the right clothing. You want to be comfortable while you’re riding your bike, so choose form-fitting clothing that isn’t going to be too loose and cause you problems while you’re riding. A cycling top and some fitted shorts or tights work best.

Don’t forget to bring along a hydration pack, or at least a water bottle or two, so you know you have plenty of fluid while you’re out.

It can seem a bit overwhelming getting started and trying to figure out everything you need, but it really doesn’t have to be that hard. Once you’re aware of the basics, you can head out and shop with confidence, get everything you need and set out prepared on your next mountain biking endeavour. It’s always good to know you’re properly prepared and safe when you head out mountain biking, so keep these tips in mind when you’re shopping for mountain biking gear.

Camping Tents: How to Choose the Right Tent

cheaptentsThere’s just something magical about getting out in the wilderness and enjoying nature. Going camping is one of the best ways to do just that, but first you need to get everything you need for your trip. It’s always important to plan ahead and be prepared, especially if you’re heading out far into the woods and won’t have access to things you need. Of everything you plan to bring along, the tent is one of the most important.

There are a few things to consider when you’re trying to choose from the camping tents out there. The size is one of the most important factors, because depending on how many people are going along on the trip and need to fit in the tent, you want to make sure there is enough space and that everyone has room to be comfortable. You don’t want multiple people crammed into a small tent without any room to move around and sleep comfortably. Consider the number of people who will be using the tent and choose the right size of tent accordingly.

Think about the conditions you will be using the tent in, to help you decide which type of tent is best. Of course you can’t always predict what the weather will be like and there may be some surprises, but you will know where you’re headed and what the environment will be like there. If you’re heading somewhere with a warmer temperature, you can stick with a tent that is more lightweight with a lot of ventilation so it doesn’t get too stuffy. On the other hand, for cooler climates you need a thicker tent that provides you with the warmth and security you need.

Price is always an important factor. Set a budget for yourself so you know which tents you can consider, that fit in your budget without making you overspend. Take time to shop around and get the most value for your money with cheap tents from Outdoor World and other low cost camping suppliers.

It can seem quite challenging to choose from the huge selection out there, but with these tips in mind you can find the right tent, without spending a fortune.

Perks That Come Along With Travelling

travelperksTravelling is something thousands of people claim to want to do. But they never actually get round to it. Travelling offers a variety of benefits many of us don’t even realize. Apart from the obvious perks of exploring new cultures and countries, there are other benefits you can receive from travelling around the world.


In the world of work, we say it’s not what you know it’s who you know. The same thing applies to travelling. It gives you the chance to make new allies around the world. Make friends with someone in an exotic country and you have a contact should you ever return to or move to that country. It’s a long-term investment in your worldwide connections, and you get to have fun at the same time!

Royalty Programs

Many resorts and travel operators offer royalty programs. This is one of the travel perks where you can save hundreds of dollars. Programs tend to differ widely. Some offer discounts for introducing friends who take a holiday with the operator, whereas others let you accumulate points by making return visits.

There are loyalty and royalty programs available with travel operators in all sectors, including airlines, resorts, and cruises.

Increase Your Resourcefulness

Increase your ability to adapt to certain situations. Many of us refuse to travel because we’re scared of entering a place where we have no connections and no foothold. The bolder travellers amongst us have no problem with it. This attitude translates to the way we act in daily life.

If we have no problems experiencing a culture completely different from our own, there’s no reason why we should still fear situations which make us feel uncomfortable. Becoming more resourceful is precisely why people say travelling changes lives.

Shopping Opportunities

In America, we have an unmatched shopping culture. But we can’t get strange handcrafted souvenirs at the local Walmart. Going abroad exposes us to a range of new shopping opportunities. It’s the chance to kit out your home in exotic items and add a new twist to your abode.

Go to China and get a bamboo chair weaved by the hand of an expert. Or add a dash of color to a room with a dream charm from the markets of Marrakesh. It’s the chance to get your hands on things you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

Luxury at Nothing Prices

We’ve all dreamed of living in a luxury apartment overlooking the ocean. Very few of us will ever attain those high levels of wealth in the US. If we can’t achieve these dreams here, there’s no reason why we can’t do it abroad. By going to a country where the dollar is a stronger currency, we can get more for our money.

If we wanted a servant in the US it would cost us thousands of dollars. Go to the Seychelles or India and it comes as standard. Things are cheaper, when compared with the value of the dollar, so we can live a lifestyle which far exceeds our own for a few weeks.

Tips for Shopping for Tents

TentsShopping for tents can be challenging, with such a huge selection to pick from. Especially if this is your first time purchasing a tent, it can definitely be a struggle. With a few key tips in mind, you can make the entire process much easier on yourself and know you’re investing your money right.

There are certain basic features you must look for in a tent. This includes a tent with a floor; most tents do come with a built-in floor, however there are some which lack this feature. It’s definitely worth the extra bit of money to get a tent with a floor, so you don’t have to worry about moisture or bugs bothering you while you’re sleeping. You should also look for a tent with a securely screened window and door, both which can be zippered up easily. Without proper ventilation in your tent, it can get stuffy and uncomfortable.

The size of the tent you choose is one of the most important factors. Consider how many people will be sleeping in the tent, and use that as your guide. The best approach is to allow 20-25 square feet per person, and use this to decide on the right size of tent for your needs.

There are many different brands of tent available, and although this isn’t one of the main issues to concern yourself with, it can help determine the overall quality of the tent. It is ideal to stick with a well-known brand you can rely on. Bibler, Canvas and Big Agnes are all top choices as quality brands, click here for a larger list of tent manufacturers.

There are also certain seasonal considerations to keep in mind when buying a tent. If you’re planning to go camping in a particularly cold climate, you will need to select a tent that is suitable for those weather conditions, to ensure you have the warmth and protection you need.