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Visit Heaven, Visit Maldives for Sure

maldivesHeaven in tourism dictionary is often described by a place, where all the things you can see is beauty that even you are not sure whether you still live in this world or not. It is the place when you can enjoy what the nature grants. When sparkling turquoise blue sea meets white sandy beach in a pleasant weather is where it’s located. If you are looking straight, the thing you’ll see is beautiful sea. When you’re looking back, the green tropical trees are there welcoming you. Breezy wind and bright sunlight also try to spoil you. The people are friendly, while the rest place is too comfortable to be left. This is heaven and we can find it in Maldives.

Where is Maldives located? Maybe some of you are wondering about that. You can hardly find the archipelago on the world map, since Maldives is too small. However, even though you don’t know where it is, the name is already famous. Geographically, Maldives is located in southern Asia and close to India and Sri Lanka. It takes around one hour to Sri Lanka and Trivendum of India. The people’s physical characteristic looks like typical South Asian people. It only takes about 5 hours from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and western Indonesia. Maldives’s main charm is its beautiful islands and atolls. This country has 1190 small islands with 26 atolls.

Divers from all over the world enjoy diving in the middle of rich marine ecosystem in its atolls. Its international airport is located in Male, and it has connecting flights to several domestic airports in different islands. Traveling in Maldives has never been completed without visiting their variety of beautiful islands. Maldives is also famous for its cheap and luxurious resorts you can find around the beaches. It’s not a rare case if you can find five star resorts with affordable price. Now we know why tourists love this country the most. Maldives is also a famous place for wedding!