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Comparing All Inclusive Travel Deals

With fragile economies and an ever increasing necessity to budget carefully, all-inclusive holidays are becoming increasingly popular.

Their main appeal is essentially the fact that travellers pay up front for everything and should, in theory, be able to keep their budget down by not having to pay for anything else while away. Unfortunately, the term ‘all-inclusive’ does not quite mean the same to all holiday providers, meaning that more than 75 per cent of holiday makers end up paying for unexpected extras.

It is therefore of vital importance to check what will or will not be included in the all-inclusive price before booking. Careful comparison often reveals that slightly more expensive options will ultimately work out cheaper than the low-budget ones. Here are some of the main factors to look out for:


With a few notable exceptions, activities like motorised water sports, excursions, spa treatments and sports tuition are typically not included, and can raise costs significantly.


While older children can usually participate in holiday clubs covered by all-inclusive terms, care for those under the age of three or four usually incurs additional charges. Some of the better quality all-inclusive deals do, however, offer daily care by qualified nannies.


Drinks included in low-budget all-inclusive holidays usually consist of local alcoholic beverages (and may be subject to time limits), while premium branded or specialty drinks will pile on the cost. Paying a little more to begin with often means premium branded/ specialty drinks are included.


Included meals are often provided within main buffet areas, while meals in a la carte restaurants are charged for separately, or are only available once or twice a week. Some hotels do, however, offer regular meals in a la carte restaurants as part of the deal.

Amsterdam at Hand

Holiday Velvet is one of the world’s leading providers of apartments in nations all around the globe. They are the ideal choice for people who want to get to know any country on the planet in an intimate way. One of their most popular locations for travel that includes both long-term and short-term residence is Amsterdam. The beauty of this nation can open its doors before you when explore all of the living possibilities that Holiday Velvet can provide. There are eight different Amsterdam apartment buildings that people can choose from when they travel to this beloved region. Among the most popular are the Centre Dam apartments, Jordaan apartments, and De Plantage apartments.

Apartments in Amsterdam
A Simple Process

Holiday Velvet makes the experience of finding an apartment in Amsterdam one that is quick and pleasurable. All of the available units can be booked and explored instantly online. Travelers can take the headache out of blindly searching for accommodations using the web when they use the resources laid out before them by Holiday Velvet. Another advantage that they offer are discounts on local services in the area through their social media connections. From dining and entertainment to drinks and transportation, there are plenty of unique opportunities to be explored through Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Globe at Your Fingertips

Amsterdam has a rich history that consistently draws people to its borders. This nation was established late in the 12th century and has been growing in every capacity ever since. The area experienced a boom in culture and economic success during the 17th century. Serving as an inspiration to many Dutch cultural icons that include Rembrandt and Vermeer, Amsterdam quickly developed a museum quarter that is stunning to this very day. In fact, this area draws in art and music lovers from all over the globe.

Vital Lessons on Avoiding Typical Food Mistakes in Foreign Countries

When traveling abroad, food is one of the main concerns of most people. Everyone expects things to be so differently there; they expect people to eat all kinds of strange animals and they are afraid that they will not like anything available. Of course, depending on the place, there will definitely be a culture difference and the cuisine will reflect this. However, because of these worries tourists will often make even worse food mistakes while they are visiting foreign countries.

1. Eating at the airport

Unless you are really hungry, you should avoid eating at airports. Despite the fact that the restaurants are probably going to be places you are familiar with, it is not a good idea to dine here. Operating a business at an airport is incredibly expensive and all of that extra cost will be supported by the customers. It is not unusual for an airport restaurant to have a 10% to 20% markup on their prices.