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Kids’ Hotels in Europe

Kids' HotelsTo find a hotel that suits both adults and children is not a joke. There are many people who want to avoid the drudgery of self-catering family holidays, but the welcome by the hotel’s staff while checking into hotels with your children make you want to search for a hotel that welcomes children too. In many of the top class European hotels, the staff or other guests shush your children if they run down a corridor, or are near some places full of precious objects that invite disaster. Sometimes the hotels are so uncomfortable that you feel you have squeezed into a tiny airless box.

In the Northern region of France is the Château de Béhen in Somme. It was at one time a family home but now has turned into a guesthouse. It has an equestrian centre run by the hotel owners and is a big hit with children. Another of the hotels Europe is Les Tourelles in Le Crotoy, Somme. It has seaside chic, having a “sailor’s dormitory”, which your little one will enjoy.

Le Moulin de Connelles in the Eure, Départementale region is a fairytale place, full of turrets and gables and a private island to explore. Your children and you can enjoy and relax in the tennis courts, a heated pool or have a boat ride for moving about on the millstream. Ferme de la Ranconnière in the Crépon, Calvados region in France is one of the hotels in France to suit your family. This hotel is housed in a medieval fortified farmhouse and is handy for the Bayeux tapestry and D-Day beaches. The rooms have baronial-style beamed rooms which will enthrall your kids.

In the Le Castel Montpinchon hotel in Manche region you will get all the facilities to keep your children occupied. It is a magnificently decorated child-friendly Napoleon III château. In this hotel you will have the amenity of having family accommodation with children’s suppers so that parents are free to enjoy their house-party dinners. To enchant you, there is a first class European hotel for kids the Ti Al-Lannec in the Trébeurden region. This hotel offers fun for the kids while spoiling the parents. It is in the Brittany’s pink granite coast and has swings, games and children’s meals, along with pretty, comfy rooms, a spa and first-class food.

Planning Your Travel To Europe For A Memorable Vacation

Travel To EuropeMany thousands of people travel to Europe each and every year for vacations and on business trips. With so many countries to visit it is possible to plan a vacation that is perfect for every traveler. The first thing that you need to decide on, is which country or countries within Europe do you want to go to? Are there particular locations that are important to you to see? Do you have family or friends who you can stay with or will you need to arrange accommodation at each of your stops?

Once you have some idea of which cities and regions that you want to visit when you travel to Europe, then you can look at how you are going to travel and the kind of accommodation you prefer. For instance, does the idea of backpacking across Europe appeal to you? If so then there are many great resources to assist backpackers in making their vacation the best it possibly could be.

There are many quality hostels across European countries that especially cater for the needs of backpackers who travel to Europe. It is important when you look at the available hostels that you ensure that your preferred hostel has all that you require. Such things as:

Is Wi-Fi Internet included in the daily accommodation cost?

Is the facility secure?

Do they provide secure lockers that have an electrical power point inside so that your smart phone and laptop can be charged securely without threat of being stolen?

Is 24-hour access available to your room so you can easily enter after those late nights out on the town?

Is breakfast included in the nightly fee?

What kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities are provided?

Are there common areas where you can meet new people and gather some great travel tips?