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Summer Tour to Armenia

Khor_virap-Sputnik1-300x200Holiday becomes a great opportunity for people to enjoy refreshment and there is no question that people will try to find a great place for their travel destination. There are so many favorite and popular travel destinations which are chosen by people in this world but recently, people are trying to look for the alternative travel destination which can provides them with beautiful place but of course with touch of difference from the mainstream. One of the best alternative travel destinations which can be chosen is Armenia. People will be surprised when they choose to Travel to Armenia because they will see the hidden treasure of the world. There are various great places which should be visited in Armenia. Some of them can provide people with the different experience for their holiday especially in summer.

The very first destination which people should consider for their travel holiday destination is Khor Virap Monastery. From this place, people will be able to view Mount Ararat. The monastery is built as church from 17th century. From this monastery, people will be able to see the scenery which is spectacular as well as majestic at the same time. If people are looking for the tourism destination which is the most popular in Armenia with many people visit, there is no doubt that Khor Virap Monastery must be the answer. For enjoying different experience for summer destination, people should consider visiting The Pit. They will find the freaky experience when climbing down the steps but one thing for sure, people will not be able to find this kind of experience anywhere else in the world. Besides the monastery, people can also visit Garni Temple which is the oldest as well as the best preserved Pagan temple which can be found in the world. If people have interest about the history of Armenia, this should be a perfect place to go because this place has important role of the country establishment. It is also interesting that this is the pagan temple which is not destroyed.

Armenia has various interesting buildings which people should visit including Etchmiadzin cathedral. This cathedral is interesting because this is the oldest church which is built by the state in the world. Despite of the religious aspect, people can be amazed with the great architectural aspect which can be found from this building. The church becomes a part of a religious building complex which is bigger and includes religious seminaries. Visiting historical tourism spots will always be an interesting thing which people can do when visiting certain place in the world including for Armenia Holliday. Among so many historical places which can be found in this world, people will be able to find Armenian Genocide Complex which has Genocide memorial with eternal flame as well as a pillar that is pointing toward heaven. Last but not least, people must not forget to visit Yerevan Republic Square which is the place for holding meeting as well as ceremony. If people visit this place during summer, they will find the dancing fountains which can give amazing and refreshing holiday experience.