A Guide to Hostels in Budapest

003320-1273078271For travelers in Europe, the Hungarian capital has been a favored stopover for long. The rich architectural heritage of this city and the beauty of the Danube River compel Budapest to be one of the best picks amongst all of the beautiful and romantic cities in Europe. Much to the delight of backpackers, the hostels in Budapest are known to charge some of the lowest rates in Europe.

The Astoria City Hostel is one of the best options for backpackers that wish to spend a night or are in strict budget. Make use of the elegant dormitories that provide you with bunk beds and lockers. You may opt for a bicycle rental, sightseeing tours, laundry services and complimentary breakfast. The dormitories would usually offer 6-8 beds for just 8-10 Euros. This hostel has been voted for maintaining “Best Staff” by the users of hostelbookers.com in June 2012.

My Place Budapest Bed & Breakfast is a rare hostel in Budapest that provides you with all the comfort. This 100-m2 apartment was once a cozy hostel worth 10 beds. Besides offering shared toilets, it provides visitors with a study, kitchen and living room. The rewarding facilities and service of this hostel have been complimented by visitors that spent several nights during their visit. They would wake up every morning to have a sumptuous breakfast, the cost of which is included within the room rent. Guests in this Budapest hostel can check in and check out of their own free will since this hostel offers a reception service worth 24 hours.

The Corner Hostel is another notable hostel that finds its home in the heart of Budapest. This hostel was developed in the vicinity of the Danube River, and within the shopping district. This hostel doesn’t allow smoking within its premises. The old town square and the Elizabeth Bridge are a few hotspots that may be considered for taking a short stroll. A good night’s sleep is guaranteed as the hostel stands on a quiet street. All of the 4 Cs are known to be present in this Budapest hostel. It seems truly cheap, comfortable, clean and centrally located.

Grand hostel Buda will just require you to follow a bus ride worth 10-minutes from the heart of the Hungarian capital. The Buda district houses this hostel near the hilly west bank of the river Danube. A colorful 3 level building houses this hostel. The area within which this hostel is located seems quite peaceful with a backyard adorned by a row of trees. You may find it a nice place for enjoying an evening and relaxing with your partner. This hostel shows you through a bar and follows a distinctive theme for each room. The bar looks elegant and serves you with a live band and cheap beer.

100 Y’ Walking Street Hostel is another Budapest hostel of true quality. This hostel is situated in Downtown Budapest and provides visitors with shared and individual accommodations. Vaci, the shopping complex facing the Danube river is just a few walks away and the Marriott hotel is also quite near to this hostel. You must book your room in advance and inform the staff about your time of arrival since the reception doesn’t serve you 24×7 and the number of rooms is quite limited.