Amsterdam at Hand

Holiday Velvet is one of the world’s leading providers of apartments in nations all around the globe. They are the ideal choice for people who want to get to know any country on the planet in an intimate way. One of their most popular locations for travel that includes both long-term and short-term residence is Amsterdam. The beauty of this nation can open its doors before you when explore all of the living possibilities that Holiday Velvet can provide. There are eight different Amsterdam apartment buildings that people can choose from when they travel to this beloved region. Among the most popular are the Centre Dam apartments, Jordaan apartments, and De Plantage apartments.

Apartments in Amsterdam
A Simple Process

Holiday Velvet makes the experience of finding an apartment in Amsterdam one that is quick and pleasurable. All of the available units can be booked and explored instantly online. Travelers can take the headache out of blindly searching for accommodations using the web when they use the resources laid out before them by Holiday Velvet. Another advantage that they offer are discounts on local services in the area through their social media connections. From dining and entertainment to drinks and transportation, there are plenty of unique opportunities to be explored through Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, and Twitter.

The Globe at Your Fingertips

Amsterdam has a rich history that consistently draws people to its borders. This nation was established late in the 12th century and has been growing in every capacity ever since. The area experienced a boom in culture and economic success during the 17th century. Serving as an inspiration to many Dutch cultural icons that include Rembrandt and Vermeer, Amsterdam quickly developed a museum quarter that is stunning to this very day. In fact, this area draws in art and music lovers from all over the globe.

The Support On Your Side

Finding the exact accommodations that you need in Amsterdam is simple when you log on with Holiday Velvet. Anyone can instantly search for places by specific geographic locations in Amsterdam, individual apartment buildings, or simply conduct a search based on the number of people and their age ranges. It is also possible to explore openings by date as well. Holiday Velvet is a team of dedicated travel professionals who make it possible to find living accommodations that are engaging, comfortable, and located near the most valued areas of any city. Their service is personalized, allowing every question that anyone has to be answered before embarking towards the beauty of Amsterdam.

Service to Anyone Nearly Anywhere

This trusted travel service has been in operation since 2006, providing over 100 rentals in Rome, Venice, and Florence. As time has marched forward, they have stretched their resources to over 10,000 rentals that extend to over 315 destinations. Currently, Holiday Velvet is the number-one rental agency for student, family, and holiday travel. They have the experience and the resources needed to ensure the satisfaction of their customers in Amsterdam and all of the other most glorious destinations that the globe has to offer.