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Summer Travel – Europe’s Great Tourist Attractions Await

Summer TravelThere’s no doubt that Europe teems with history and culture, as evidenced by scores of historic landmarks that have stood the test of time and for centuries drawn curious travelers from all parts of the world. You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the unique sites and attractions that make London, France, Barcelona and Florence some of the world’s most coveted destinations. If you book now, you can take advantage of great European summer deals on hotel accommodations. Read on for some can’t-miss landmarks and venues in these venerable, picture-ready cities.

1. London, UK: After gazing at and photographing 100-year old Big Ben, stately Buckingham Palace, and the centuries-old Tower of London, you can get up close and personal with London’s history at its various museums. Check out a whopping collection of more than 7 million items from around the world at the British Museum, which was established in 1753. Also a popular tourist attraction in its own right is the Victoria and Albert Museum, situated minutes away from Grosvenor Kensington and the Millennium Gloucester Hotel. The world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design, it encompasses some 12.5 acres and more than 140 galleries. If history doesn’t tickle your fancy, pay a visit to one of London’s many locales for pop and rock music, including Wembley Arena and Earls Court. Music enthusiasts will love the annual Wireless Festival in Hyde Park. Additionally, those looking to commune with nature can walk to the Royal Parks of Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, or Regent’s Park, the latter containing the hugely popular London Zoo. Within close proximity to these lush parks are the Hyde Park Premier London Paddington Hotel and the Shaftesbury Metropolis London Hyde Park Hotel.

2. Paris, France: Just as the Statue of Liberty is inextricably tied to New York City, Paris is synonymous with the iconic 1,063-foot-tall Eiffel Tower, only a short stroll from Paris Eiffel Cambronne. But there’s a lot more to Paris than this towering structure. With 8.5 visitors in 2009, the Louvre topped the list of the world’s most visited museums.

Greece Rooms

hotelsiinAthensThose who travel to Greece are quickly swept away by the magic of the country. Greece is simply irresistible offering a haven for romance, a family friendly relaxing environment or a cultural immersion in the ancient culture of the region. Just like any other vacation destination, your rooming choices can play a part in the trip experience, so choose Greece rooms wisely to keep the magic alive. Depending on your exact destination, several Greece rooms might be needed, consider these tips when picking Greece rooms.

Travel distance is probably the main concern for those booking Greece rooms and many want to stay near the attractions they plan on visiting. Tourist might want to consider staying in a surrounding area instead. Though you might give up quick access to nightlife and central attractions, you can usually find cheaper accommodations that are good quality. Renting from a more inland city or town will also allow travelers to see another part of the country.

When you book a room is also important. Those visiting during July and August will find that hotels in Athens and other popular tourist areas are crowded as this is the main tourist season. Those who put off their vacation until after summer will find hotel rates have also fallen.

Those who can afford luxury accommodations will find that Greece has plenty to choose from, as 5 and 4 star hotels and resorts can be found in the region. These Greece rooms are centrally located near business and residential areas.

Europe Budget Travel Tips

travelEuropeFull of history, great culture and beautiful architecture and natural landscapes, Europe is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, but it is also one of the most expensive. Finding a cheap flight is a good way to start saving money on your European trip, however once you are there, accommodation, food and transport costs can quickly chew through your budget.

Although Europe can be expensive, there are many ways to save money and travel this great continent even if you are a budget traveller. Here are some tips on how to travel Europe on a budget.


One of the best ways to save money in Europe is to stay in hostels. You may think that hostels are only for 20 something backpackers looking to party, but in truth there are hostel options for all types of travellers. The cheapest hostel rooms are known as dorms, where you get your own bed in a shared room that usually house from 4-10 people, as well as a shared bathroom. Most hostels also offer private rooms, some just as nice as a hotel room but at a much cheaper price.

Turkey and Greece, Holidaying Can’t Get Any Better

TurkeyandGreeceIt is a country which offers something different to the tourists. Turkey travels include visiting a large number of interesting places. Turkey has a rich culture. It is said that in this country the east meets the west. Istanbul is the city where you must go if you are going to Turkey. There are a large number of heritage places in this city.

One can visit a large number of beautiful mosques and churches while you are in Istanbul. The Dolmbahce and Topkapi are the famous palaces which you should visit while holidaying in Istanbul. People who love beaches would love to go to the Aegean coast in Turkey. Numerous tourists come to this coast for visiting beautiful towns and exotic beaches.

Another exotic holiday destination is Greece. When we talk about Greece travels then the first thing which comes to mind is Roman architecture and emperors. There are numerous ancient forts and palaces in Greece. In many poems, the beauty of Greece has been mentioned. Various beautiful islands where people can enjoy