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Stockholm Tourism

3Stockholm, the funding connected with Sweden plus some piece of this Stockholm Municipality, is situated in Swedes Eastern Shoreline exactly where Sea Malaren meets this Baltic Sea. There are various leading edge companies based here. In spite of a complete some season ambiance which includes large rain, vacation possesses increased since 1991. This way, there should be one thing concerning Stockholm tourism for you to attract countless site visitors.

Here a new look into Stockholm Tourism extravagance inns, very best places to eat, and also things know about observe and also complete though browsing. This accelerating area is actually for the ascent and also certainly a new extensive desired destination pertaining to globe vacationers for you to report on their bed sheets.

Extravagance Motels within Stockholm

The initial Motel Reisen has become a 2010 point of interest connected with refined hospitality since the 1700s. Beside giving the best point of view connected with Outdated City Stockholm via their waterfront location, there is this sauna, this children’s pool, as well as the hair-raising eatery ready underneath 17th century vaults.

European City Guide – Medieval Travel in Spello

SpelloSurely we are familiar with the country Italy. The high-end fashion brands such as Gucci and Prada make a name for themselves throughout the world now. Since soccer is one of the world’s favorite sports, many are familiar with names like Totti and Del Pierro. We are familiar with pasta, pizza and gelato. We may not have heard of the Chianti regions, but we are certain to know that Italy is one the world’s best wine producers. From the movie the Gladiator, many are exposed to the Colosseum in Rome. Italy also produced one of the best classical music artists in the world such as the singer Luciano Pavarotti, and composers Antonio Vivaldi, Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini to name a few. In art, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and Raffaello Sanzio are not strangers to our ears.

Presently, and possibly for quite sometime now, the three main destinations in Italy are Rome, Florence and Venice. People come flocking to Rome because of the rich historic remains from one of the world’s most impressive empires: the Roman empire. Others go to Florence in the association with the birth of renaissance and high art, and Venice as the unique floating city that is eternalized in Shakespeare’s play the Merchant of Venice. However, Italy offers a lot more than that.

Let me introduce to you an untouched medieval city Spello. It is located in the province of Perugia. Nearby, the cities Assisi and Perugia are more famous. Usually, it takes less than 40 minutes from Perugia to Spello by train. From other popular destinations, it takes about 3 hours from Florence, 2 hours from Rome and less than 10 minutes from Assisi. From the train station, it would take you about 5 – 10 minutes walk, depending on how fast you walk.

Soak in the Beauty of Aphrodite’s Island, Cyprus

CyprusOne look at the charming Mediterranean island of Cyprus and it is easy to imagine why Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty would have chosen this place to make her earthly home. Somewhere along the southwest coastline of this island is a rock stack called the ‘Petra tou Romiou’ or the Rock of the Greek. According to legend, it is also the rock where Aphrodite emerged from water and set her feet on land blessing the entire island with a beauty that is as ephemeral as it is ancient. And if you can for a moment forget the ethnic differences that have caused a rift in the island nation, the stunning vistas and the balmy climate make for an ideal vacation and tourist spot that no one should miss out on.

A Kaleidoscope of Contradictions

Cyprus is an amalgam of contradictions and confusions. Straddling the seas between Greece and Turkey, the country has both a European heritage and a Middle Eastern tradition. The old architecture wonders of Paphos for instance remind you of the grandeur of the pan-Hellenic world what with ionic columns and whitewashed Greco-Roman buildings dominating your sight. And then, you have the traditional cuisine that shares abundant similarities with Lebanese cooking, in contrast to the cold-water washed shores of the Mediterranean where fish is the main meal. Such contradictions make for a rich culture and a people proud and aware of their ancient traditions. The political problems may have scarred the country geographically, but as a community the Cypriots have a very strong sense of tradition and a heightened respect for old values.

Unspoiled Riches and a Treasure Trove of Experiences

Cyprus is a treasure trove of experiences. Whether your interest is in exploring the yet unspoiled coastline of the country with its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, or diving deep into the history of the nation, Cyprus will never stop to amaze you. Many tourists also make this island a base to discover more of the Hellenic world, and to understand the cultural Diaspora that inhibits this region. The island of love is also a famous honeymooners’ paradise and, the many beach-side resorts and five-stars hotels are testimony to the fact that Aphrodite’s followers still reign supreme here. Of the many famous five and four star hotels and resorts in this country, is the Golden Tulip group of five-stars hotels in Nicosia and Larnaca. Suitable for all groups of travelers, these hotels are the perfect embodiments of the generosity and hospitality of a country that traces its roots into antiquity.

Greek Island Vacations

GreekIslandVacationsVisiting the islands of the Cyclades is an experience you’ll never forget. No matter what you’re looking for in a vacation, you’ll find it in one of these amazing islands!

Touring the Dodecanese Islands of Greece

In the southeasternmost parts of the Greek islands, the Dodecanese islands offer much in the way of tourism. From fancy restaurants to luxurious resorts, tourists find plenty to do at some of these islands. There are also some great beaches. A few of the Dodecanese islands are near Turkey; only a day-trip away!

Read below to learn about the different Dodecanese islands and what to expect during your visit:


Astypalia is actually two islands that are connected by an isthmus, with most of its visitors being Greeks. It resembles islands from the Cyclades more than it does the other Dodecanese islands because of its geometric houses, villages and a Venetian castle. There are some lovely beach coves. The island makes a great getaway if it’s peace and quiet you want.

5 Reasons to Visit Prague and Budapest in Spring and Summer

VisitPraguePrague is the capital of the Czech Republic and it also used to be the capital of the Bohemia. A namely very beautiful city with nearly 2 million residents and a fairytale like atmosphere. Situated in the north-west of the country, on the Vitava river, Prague is a picturesque city with a mysterious, old fashioned charm. As it has played an important part in the European history, it is home to a number of famous cultural attractions and its historic centre is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The most visited sights include the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter and the Lennon Wall. Besides the rich historic and cultural side, Prague has several entertainment venues such as restaurants, theatres, cinemas, breweries, clubs and bars and of course shops, museums, galleries and several festivals.

Budapest, on the other side, which can be a perfect pair destination with Prague, is the capital of Hungary. The city is situated on both banks of the magnificent Danube river and it is said to be one of the most beautiful European cities. It has a superb natural landscape, several cultural and architectural sites with historic significance and it has a lively lifestyle. Most popular sites include the banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter, Andr├íssy Avenue, Heroes’ Square and the Millennium Underground Railway, the second oldest in the world. Additional interesting and popular highlights include more than 80 geothermal springs with several exquisite spa services and the world’s largest thermal water cave system.