Find Your Happiness in Maldives Resort and Hotel

Maldives ResortHoliday season is always yours if you know how to spare some of your precious time to relax. When it’s time about planning a vacation, there are some suggestions to follow. If you are currently living in the hype of metropolitan city, being surrounded by piled up assignments and listening to noise of the crowd every day, you need a rest. Taking an escape to beautiful nature and get spoiled by breathtaking landscape is the ideal way to let stress out of your mind. When it comes to beautiful nature, we can’t ignore Maldives here, one of the heavens on earth.

Many of us are not familiar with Maldives. At least we have chance to get to know to this one of the beautiful spots in the world. Maldives is an archipelago lies in southern part of Asia with total are 298 kilometer square. It’s too small to be found on the world map though. However, this is an independent country. The native Maldivian physical characteristics are like Indian people, as it’s located about one hour from Trivandrum of India and Sri Lanka by plane. Its international airport, Male, can be reached in about five hours from Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, and from that start, you can reach a number of Maldives’ domestic airports.

What makes Maldives special and different from other archipelago? Maldives has total 26 atolls, which have lots of marine biodiversity. These atolls are the most favorite destinations for international tourists to do water sport, like snorkeling, scuba diving and any other else. Its blue beaches can be reached easily by boat crossing one island to another. Spending your entire holidays in one atoll is really a waste. Each atoll has magnificent resorts which are ready to satisfy with their five-star service, luxury and facility. Staying in resort and hotel in the atolls is considered as major attraction itself, as you would find various local and cultural activities there. If you are about to stay in the hotel, here is Maldives hotel ranking – top 50 resorts list you can take a look at.

Interestingly, this list wasn’t made based on the facility the resort has, but how happy the guest was. This is important, as we know that five-star and luxurious hotel doesn’t always guarantee us to be satisfied and leave back home with pleasant feeling. The survey was made based on guest reviews and other categories like meals, beauty, comfort, facility and so on. You would be surprised since neither the most expensive resort nor the most beautiful one get the top ranks. The guest judged which hotel left the most pleasant impression to them. What makes it really interesting is the top ranks have average 9 to 9.5 overall points. Mirihi Island Resort takes the first place with 9.65 points! This nearly perfect point can be found only in Maldives. Among these top 50 hotels in Maldives, the lowest score is only 8.6 out of 10, which has already been beyond the standard. Now we understand why spending time in one hotel to another in Maldives is considered an obligation.