Finding Parking in NYC

i_185Parking in NYC is a pain, and Manhattan is no exception. With over eight million residents, tourists and visitors parking is at a premium.

You may be able to take a bus, or a taxi, around town but there are plenty of times when those modes of transportation just aren’t going to work. Standing for long periods of time at a bus stop in the middle of winter is not fun, even worse if you find the bus is full and you have to stand. Taxis are expensive and you can’t rely on one to be available when and where you need it, which once again, leaves you standing around and waiting.

If you are lucky enough to find street parking it is difficult to get in to. When you return to your vehicle it’s not uncommon to find that the vehicle in front, or behind you, played a game of bumper tag. You may even find that the spaces around you are too tight to get your vehicle out.

This is where parking garages, also known as parkades, come in. They let you drive your vehicle and park it in a safe, secure location. In Manhattan there are hundreds of parkades so the odds are pretty good that you will find one close to where you want to go. The nice thing about parking garages is that your car is there when you want it, allowing you to leave on your schedule, not the bus’s.

Monthly Parking
Whether you are a resident or regularly work in the Manhattan area this may be the option to go with. Many parking garages will let an individual rent a space for a monthly fee. It may work out more expensive than paying a daily or hourly fee, but it guarantees that a parking spot will always be available for you at that locale. Different lots are going to charge different amounts based upon their location and the location of the spot. Parking spots closer to exits, and with easier access, will cost more.

Hourly Parking
Parkades offer hourly rates. You receive a time stamped ticket when you enter the garage and when you leave, with your vehicle, you will pay an attendant, or a machine, based upon your length of stay.

Daily Parking
For those who will be parking for 6 to 12 hours many of the parking garages offer a daily fee, which works out to be slightly less than the hourly rate. Different garages will have different parameters for their daily rates.

Save Money
Parking may be expensive, but there are still ways to save money. Look for early bird specials that provides a discounted rate to early arrivals. Another common discount is often applied in the evenings for vehicles arriving after 6pm, many of these late night specials will even let you park overnight, at a reduced rate, provided you leave by a certain hour. Icon Parking systems runs a large portion of the garages, including many in the Manhattan area, and by watching their website you can frequently find valuable parking coupons.

April Carvelli is a lost Canadian who just likes to write.