How to Manage Risks with Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks, also called wheel stops, are beneficial for a lot of reasons. They stop your cars from getting damaged and in turn prevent you and other people from suffering unnecessary pain and loss as well. They are often call parking bumpers or tire stops, since they literally do what their name suggests.

Most of them are made from wood, concrete or plastics, which may come with elongated spikes, pieces of metal or screws which are holding it in place. Many parking lots around the world utilize wheel stops which prevent vehicles from entering the parking space of other cars and also prevent people from parking improperly.

There are numerous benefits of wheel chocks in parking lots. It can become a hazard if not placed in the right places, and may cause accidents, such as tripping people up or causing road accidents.

The colour of the wheel stop is crucial, since sometimes people may miss a wheel stop depending on the colour, which may cause accidents to their vehicle and themselves. There are many colours available, when choosing a compliance wheel stop however, choosing one which is easily distinguished in dim light or at night is preferred. Dark colours like blue, gray, brown or black can blend with their surroundings at night, and are difficult to identify at night, hence are not recommended.

The colour yellow is the preferred choice by many when it comes to compliance wheel stops since it can be easily spotted and is the international colour for caution. Painting your wheel stop yellow will not only benefit you, but other people as well, who will be able to easily distinguish where a wheel stop is placed and can easily make adjustments then. Managing the risks of wheel chocks is all about taking proper care, since over the years there have been a growing number of people who have been injured by them.