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Soak in the Beauty of Aphrodite’s Island, Cyprus

CyprusOne look at the charming Mediterranean island of Cyprus and it is easy to imagine why Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty would have chosen this place to make her earthly home. Somewhere along the southwest coastline of this island is a rock stack called the ‘Petra tou Romiou’ or the Rock of the Greek. According to legend, it is also the rock where Aphrodite emerged from water and set her feet on land blessing the entire island with a beauty that is as ephemeral as it is ancient. And if you can for a moment forget the ethnic differences that have caused a rift in the island nation, the stunning vistas and the balmy climate make for an ideal vacation and tourist spot that no one should miss out on.

A Kaleidoscope of Contradictions

Cyprus is an amalgam of contradictions and confusions. Straddling the seas between Greece and Turkey, the country has both a European heritage and a Middle Eastern tradition. The old architecture wonders of Paphos for instance remind you of the grandeur of the pan-Hellenic world what with ionic columns and whitewashed Greco-Roman buildings dominating your sight. And then, you have the traditional cuisine that shares abundant similarities with Lebanese cooking, in contrast to the cold-water washed shores of the Mediterranean where fish is the main meal. Such contradictions make for a rich culture and a people proud and aware of their ancient traditions. The political problems may have scarred the country geographically, but as a community the Cypriots have a very strong sense of tradition and a heightened respect for old values.

Unspoiled Riches and a Treasure Trove of Experiences

Cyprus is a treasure trove of experiences. Whether your interest is in exploring the yet unspoiled coastline of the country with its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, or diving deep into the history of the nation, Cyprus will never stop to amaze you. Many tourists also make this island a base to discover more of the Hellenic world, and to understand the cultural Diaspora that inhibits this region. The island of love is also a famous honeymooners’ paradise and, the many beach-side resorts and five-stars hotels are testimony to the fact that Aphrodite’s followers still reign supreme here. Of the many famous five and four star hotels and resorts in this country, is the Golden Tulip group of five-stars hotels in Nicosia and Larnaca. Suitable for all groups of travelers, these hotels are the perfect embodiments of the generosity and hospitality of a country that traces its roots into antiquity.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Greece

TheaterofDionysusGreece is a beautiful country and there are several popular tourist destinations in the country that are a must-see. Make sure you spend ample time in the country in order to visit all the important places in Greece.

Popular Tourist Destinations in Greece:

There are 5 regional sections in Greece to visit but your holiday should start from Athens. It is an ancient city of Greece and the present capital of Greece. It is also the largest city in Greece. It also means that you need more time in this city.

Here is a brief list of popular tourist destinations in Greece.

Acropolis: 2400 year old site and the most famous monument in the world.

Theater of Dionysus: A theater with open air performances from June to September.

The Top Destinations for Educational Trips to Greece

EducationalTripsGreece has long been a top choice for schools and colleges considering taking their students on educational trips, in part because of the wide range of curriculum subjects it connects to – art, theatre, history and philosophy to name just a few – and in part because it is home to so many fascinating cities and historical attractions. At every turn there is something new to discover about our heritage in this cradle of European culture, and students are bound to come away with a wealth of knowledge. Here are just some of the incredible locations that Greece has to offer school or college groups.


The capital city of Greece has been famous for millennia. As one of the oldest cities in the world, it has been a centre for culture and thought since the Classical era – hardly surprising, then, that it continues to provide inspiration to all who visit. As a destination for educational trips, it offers some fantastic museums and sights, but its star attraction is the nearby Acropolis, which has been named the continent’s most important site on a European Cultural Heritage list of monuments. Iconic of ancient Greek civilisation, its chief building – the Parthenon – was built in 447 BCE in honour of the city’s patron goddess, Athena. The Acropolis museum, situated on the southern slope, is an excellent window onto the site’s history and the archaeological work that has been done there.


Located on the Peloponnese peninsula, the village of Tolon, also called Tolo, is the place to go for those wishing to explore a quieter side of Greece. It will especially appeal to fans of classical literature for the role it has played in some of Greece’s most important legends. It features in Homer’s Iliad as one of the coastal towns whose fleet joined the Trojan war. Today, it is enjoyed for its beaches and natural beauty.