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Summer Travel – Europe’s Great Tourist Attractions Await

Summer TravelThere’s no doubt that Europe teems with history and culture, as evidenced by scores of historic landmarks that have stood the test of time and for centuries drawn curious travelers from all parts of the world. You don’t have to be a history buff to appreciate the unique sites and attractions that make London, France, Barcelona and Florence some of the world’s most coveted destinations. If you book now, you can take advantage of great European summer deals on hotel accommodations. Read on for some can’t-miss landmarks and venues in these venerable, picture-ready cities.

1. London, UK: After gazing at and photographing 100-year old Big Ben, stately Buckingham Palace, and the centuries-old Tower of London, you can get up close and personal with London’s history at its various museums. Check out a whopping collection of more than 7 million items from around the world at the British Museum, which was established in 1753. Also a popular tourist attraction in its own right is the Victoria and Albert Museum, situated minutes away from Grosvenor Kensington and the Millennium Gloucester Hotel. The world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design, it encompasses some 12.5 acres and more than 140 galleries. If history doesn’t tickle your fancy, pay a visit to one of London’s many locales for pop and rock music, including Wembley Arena and Earls Court. Music enthusiasts will love the annual Wireless Festival in Hyde Park. Additionally, those looking to commune with nature can walk to the Royal Parks of Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, or Regent’s Park, the latter containing the hugely popular London Zoo. Within close proximity to these lush parks are the Hyde Park Premier London Paddington Hotel and the Shaftesbury Metropolis London Hyde Park Hotel.

2. Paris, France: Just as the Statue of Liberty is inextricably tied to New York City, Paris is synonymous with the iconic 1,063-foot-tall Eiffel Tower, only a short stroll from Paris Eiffel Cambronne. But there’s a lot more to Paris than this towering structure. With 8.5 visitors in 2009, the Louvre topped the list of the world’s most visited museums.

The Cathedral of Florence the Most Important Church in Italy

The Cathedral of FlorenceThe Cathedral of Florence is one of the largest churches in Europe, this extraordinary architectural and artistic work every day attracts a large number of guided Florence tours and visitors. Its construction of the cathedral in an era where it was not possible to use actual technology can be considered an architectural miracle, Brunelleschi’s cupola is still the largest masonry dome ever built, the interior of the cathedral is adorned with the largest surface decorated with frescoes that has ever been made with its 3600 square meters painted by Giorgio Vasari and Federico Zuccari

At the end of 1200, when Arnolfo di Cambio began the construction of the Cathedral of Florence and the Palazzo dei Priori delle Arti, which later became the Palazzo della Signoria, Florence was a kind of New York of theMiddle Ages.

Everyone wanted to live here, merchants, bankers, here was the wealth and the latest news in fashion, the navel of the world, really! Florence then had one hundred thousand inhabitants, twice the population of London! Here is revealed the secret of greatness and magnificence of the buildings of the religious and political centre of Florence, so that’s whythe size of the imposing Duomo of Florence!