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A Taste of Greek’s Sweetness

BaclavaMany books have been written about Greece, its beauty, rich history, and dishes that are absolutely close to the heart of many people. When it comes to a good meal no one knows it better than the Greeks for they have a wide array of dishes that will always leave a memory to your palate. Visit Greece and experience firsthand not just the breathtaking sights or one of the most romantic sunsets in the world but dishes that are very authentic to this beautiful country.

As your palates journey and experience sumptuous meals never forget to complete that experience with a Greek dessert. Just in case you do not have an idea what to have for a dessert here is a short list that you might want to consider.


This diamond shape dessert is is wrapped in sheets of filo pastry which is brushed off with butter on the surface. But what is interesting is what is wrapped inside the sheets of filo. Take a bite and discover a taste of sweetness with a little crunch inside that has a touch of cinnamon. Inside you will find a handful of walnuts which has been combined with cinnamon. It is coated with some syrup once out of the oven.