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3 Reasons To Choose A Luxury African Safari

For most people, African holidays are a once in a life time type of vacation. It’s not every day that you get to wake up in the morning to a giraffe looking through your washroom window, or hang out with the hippos by a watering hole. While there are a number of different ways to enjoy African holidays, a favourite of almost all travelers is a luxury safari. Wonder why? Let’s start with the most compelling reason:

Choose Your Own Adventure
When you choose to go on a luxury African safari, you’re given some flexibility in terms of where you can go and what you can see. After you rise in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, you can grab your hat, your sunglasses and your sunscreen and venture off on one of your very own self-guided walking tours. You also have the option to go on any number of different luxury safari tours that’ll be departing from the lodge. Many of them are tailored and themed so you’ll be shown the landscapes and animals that you came to see.

Fewer Crowds
No one goes on a vacation to people watch, especially when it comes to African safaris. When you opt to go on an African luxury safari, there’ll be more room and less people in the bus or the jeep that you’ll be using to get out into the bush. Your group will be limited to usually ten people or so, rather than 20 or 30, meaning you’ll get better views and there’ll be less of a chance of scaring off the animals. Which brings us to our final point…

A Better Chance To Interact With Wildlife
If what you’ve always dreamed of is being able to engage with the lions, leopards, rhinos and elephants of the safari, then a luxury safari is definitely the way to go. Several of these tours even allow for tourists to sleep amongst the animals, giving you the full African safari experience.

Tips On Planning Family Friendly Luxury African Safari Tours

Going on a luxury African safari is a dream come true for most families, though before you all set off on your exciting adventure, you need to do a bit of research. Some safaris won’t allow any children under the age of 12 to go on tours, while other tours are strictly for adults only. Here are some things to consider when planning family-friendly African holidays:

If you’re bringing your family along on a holiday, then the more flexibility you have, the better. A lot of luxury safari trips don’t offer a lot of room for flexibility, meaning you’re held to a somewhat stringent time schedule or you can’t go and wander outside of the grounds. South Africa is probably your best bet if you have young children, as the roads are well designed so you can easily rent a car and go where ever you wish. Namibia, on the other hand, may not be the best choice for families planning African holidays as though there is a large and gorgeous coastline, the drive from place to place can be quite significant and therefore boring for younger children.

Age Restrictions
A lot of luxury African safari tours do impose age restrictions. There are a number of reasons for this, but you also have to consider your child’s interest level. Many kids become bored and disengaged during those long drives across the safari, and may become disappointed or frustrated if they aren’t able to see the lion or the rhinoceros that they were so excited to watch and see.

Malaria-Free Zones
It’s always a huge benefit for anyone, families or not, to travel to malaria-free parks and areas. Almost every country in Africa does offer malaria-free zones, so before you book that luxury African safari get-away, check and see what additional vaccinations or medications you and your family may need to take prior to leaving.