Vital Lessons on Avoiding Typical Food Mistakes in Foreign Countries

When traveling abroad, food is one of the main concerns of most people. Everyone expects things to be so differently there; they expect people to eat all kinds of strange animals and they are afraid that they will not like anything available. Of course, depending on the place, there will definitely be a culture difference and the cuisine will reflect this. However, because of these worries tourists will often make even worse food mistakes while they are visiting foreign countries.

1. Eating at the airport

Unless you are really hungry, you should avoid eating at airports. Despite the fact that the restaurants are probably going to be places you are familiar with, it is not a good idea to dine here. Operating a business at an airport is incredibly expensive and all of that extra cost will be supported by the customers. It is not unusual for an airport restaurant to have a 10% to 20% markup on their prices.


2. Relying too much on room service

Room service is in such a decline that many hotels have stopped offering it altogether. With so many other dining options, fewer and fewer people are inclined to pay extra to eat in their rooms, not to mention the tip as well as added charges such as for forgetting to leave the dirty dishes out in the hall.


3. Not knowing how to tip

Tipping customs are different all over the world. There are actually few other places like in America where tipping is obligatory. More than that, Americans usually tip more than any other people so learning to adjust to the country’s own tipping customs can be quite economical.


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